Creating a new Lords of Gyrne Game:

Please fill out this form to create a new game open to registration, then press the "Create" Button at the bottom. You will receive a receipt at the supplied mail address once the server has stored and verified your game creation data. A game will never start before the start date has passed, and only once the minimum number of players has been reached.

Note that you must type in the date, the game map and the minimum and maximum number of players exactly as required by the specifications described below. You can only create games if you have a valid positive customer account. Use the following list of maps available for game creation to select an appropriate map the game should take place on. The minimum number of players must be 2 or higher.

Gyrne Maps List

Last Update Samstag, 11. Dezember 2004, 20:44 GMT +01

Map Name

Maximum Players









Enter your Customer No.:

This is required for all games.

Enter your Customer Password:

This is required for all games.

Map name:

Choose the Map you wish the game to take place on. Take a look at the above list to pick the right map for your desired player numbers.

Minimum Number of Players:

The minimum number of players determines the number of registrations this game must have before it can start. If this number is not reached by the given start date, the game will remain on hold until this number is reached. Note that this number must be at least 2, and must not exceed the maximum number of players or the maximum number of players for the chosen game map.

Maximum Number of Players:

The maximum number of players must not exceed the maximum number of players of the selected game map. Take a look at the above table to see the limit for the number of players of your selected map.

Game Mode:

Choose the mode the game should use. Note that demo or free games can only be created if the server currently allows so.

Game Rhythm (in hours):

Enter the number of hours between each game turn. If you want a turn to pass every day once the game has started, enter '24'; '168' for a week, '672' for four weeks, et c.

Your Email address:

Make sure the spelling is correct. This should be the email address where you wish to receive the Game creation confirmation email detailing the game's name etc.

Start Date::

Enter the date that you wish the game to start at the earliest possible date. Enter the date as "", with the year in 4-digit format, and the hour in 24-hour-format. For example, August 1, 2002, 6:32 PM would be: 2002.

Require a Password to register for this game

(Private Game)

Check this box and enter a password to the right to make this game a private game, for which a player can only register if you have handed him the password.

Enter the password needed to join this game, if required:

This is only needed if you want this game to be a private game, so that others need this password to register. Leave this field emptyas is if you want it to be a public game. Demo games are usually public in any case. Passwords must only consist of alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) and be 4 to 8 letters long.

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