March 23, 2003

Gyrne 3.1 ready for play!

New Players wanted! New Downloads available!

How to join the game / New Field Assistant, New Map, New German Rules Manual available / FAQ section updated

Welcome to Lords of Gyrne Version 3.1!

What is Lords of Gyrne?

If you haven't played it, you will love it! Lords of Gyrne is a "Play by eMail" game in which you strive to conquer the Imperial throne against fellow human players in a medieval fantasy setting. Check out the new FAQ section (reachable from the FAQ link above) to learn all about it!

What's new?

We have added tons of new stuff! A new espionage and vassalization system allows for totally new ways to (mal)treat your fellow players in 3.1!

How can I join the game?

The new 3.1 Game Server features a "customer" database in which you have to be registered. This database holds the number of turns you can still play without being asked for a donation of our online costs. New players get the first 5 game turns for free; additional game turns require 50 cents (US or EUR) per turn. Games usually run at one turn per week. So, if you just want to test out the game without paying anything - you're welcome! Note that the "Join" page also sometimes allows to join a limited 'demo' game directly

To join in and be registered in the database, just send an email with the subject line "Gyrne 3.1", containing your full name, address, phone, fax, country of residence and prefered email address and send it to:

Your personal information will not be handed out to anyone but our database, and is used solely for our need to contact you. You will not receive any spam, and we do not distribute any of this information to anybody else. (The Gyrne gaming community is a non-profit community). Once you have registered that way, the Game server will send you an automated message detailing your game account once.

This email will contain your customer number and your customer password. Using this number and password from the email you can then register for any open game from the "Join" page reachable via the link above - and if the server is currently set to do so, you can even open up your own games!

If you have any questions, or if you are just curious, do not hesitate to send a mail to We can answer in English and German.

New Players Wanted!

We are always looking for new additions to our lively gaming community! Don't hesitate - just join! Gyrne is a truly international game - don't hesitate to join, from wherever you are!

New Downloads available!

Field Assistant 2.1.0 released

The new Gyrne Field Assistant version 2.1.0, available for both Windows 95 - XP and MacOS 8.6 - 9.2, is available from the Downloads section. It features a number of enhancements internally, such as password and data encryption and is needed if you want to play a Lords of Gyrne 3.1 game. The "Field Assistant" is a program to send your game commands off to the server, allowing you to comfortably play an aristocrat in the world of Gyrne from your living room chair.

New Map "Trimania" available

Thanks to the magic of, Gyrne now features a new gigantic map for up to 30 players called "Empire of Trimania". This world of enormous proportions has three continents with 16 kingdoms and 381 counties (including oceans and lakes!) It is also available from the Downloads section.

New German Rules Manual Available

The German edition of the 3.1 gaming rules are also available now as a pdf-file from the Downloads section. The new rules show all the necessary changes from 3.0.2 (the last played edition). We are sorry to have no English version available yet, but we are working on it. If you want to learn more about the game but don't speak German, download the Field Assistant - it contains a help text window in English, explaining almost all aspects of the game.

FAQ section updated

The FAQ section has now been updated to reflect the game changes. It also answers most questions that new players or anyone interested in the game might have. Just click on "FAQ" above to get there.

Join in - there's an Empire waiting to be conquered!

Yours cheerfully,

the Lords of Gyrne crew