July 19, 2002

The Gyrne News proudly presents:

Contenders for the Imperial Throne of Angyrne

Some are strangely silent / Others remain unpainted

This is what they say of our Lords and Ladies:

Lord Aghnar

was born into the House of Salza, which began its history on a small peninsula in the South of the realm and ascended to one of the most powerful families of Angyrn by the heroic deeds of its most well known member Lord O'Borbitt. At the height of its power the sun never set over the lands of the House of Salza. Shameless treachery quickly brought an end to his rulership and forced the family to seek refuge in Windfall Heights. Aghnar, oldest son of O'Borbitt, is still young yet already surpasses his father in tournaments. Equipped with all physical attributes of a Salza he is eager to bring his house back to its former glory and make his name known in all of Angyrn. This he has almost achieved already this spring, and he has been nicknamed due to his tactical finesse as the "Jürgen Hingsen of Waylen."

Lord Anatagor

had this to say about himself: "I am Lord Anatagor of the Wurlitzer Clan! I like horses very much, for you can make some delicious sausages of them, I like sausages very much! In a few years I will be your emperor, hope you like sausages too!"

Anatagor's Favorite Stone

"This is my favourite stone, found it near Handur."


"It´s me dressed in my favourite mouse furr coat!"

Lord Bloodlust

is a very peace loving and just Lord even though his name suggests the opposite. He loves the trade. Comforting and respecting his allies, he despises treachery and hunts traitors mercilessly. Oh, and: He hates frogs!

Lady Brunhild

is a Valkyrie, an Amazon, a Warrior-Woman. Leading her men she charges into battle, and she knows no mercy.

Lord Constantin

is a dandy and lover of life. At least that's how he wants his people to see him. Young in office, he might yet discover that in Gyrne a nobleman is judged by his deeds, not just looks.


Lord dejine

is a reluctant Lord. Being in a position of authority does not come naturally to him - yet his desire to see a fair ruler for the Empire of Angyrn means he his willing to risk all in pursuit of the Imperial Throne. He values friendship and loyalty above all else. If you befriend him and if it is called for, he will give up his very life's blood in your name.

Lady Domenica

lets her image speak for herself.


Lord Ironside

is also painted yet undescribed.


Lord Estarriol

As a man of character and personality the noble Lord Estarriol (hmmääämm....) is always willing to help the weak and hopeless (as long as it pays off in some way). Furthermore he is always true to his word, his allies and the people who get the honour to become his subjects.
His peaceful, diplomatic and wise temper leads him to a friendly behaviour towards his friends and allies - and to an even friendlier behaviour towards his enemies. As his herolds always proclaim:"Long live Lord Estarriol - for the sake of Gyrne, menkind... and his own purse!"

Lord McKleenex

is a man with a nose. He likes cats very much, but tends to sneeze when they are too close, so he keeps them in a glass bowl. He has a nose.
He is always having troubles with his sinuses. He does not like flowers. People tell stories about McKleenex once having tortured a minstrel singing about lovely spring. The minstrel ended up in the 'Rose Pit'! People also tell stories about his nose of regal proportions.
McKleenex always cares for his folk, especially if those folk care for him. He definitely has a heart but won't tell where he keeps it. Did we mention the nose? 

Lord Schelmfried,

Count of Kintyre, loves extravagant and at times silly clothing. Always in a happy mood, he loves to party and only wants the best for all.


Evil meaning sources claim that his ridiculous facade is only covering a soberly calculating conspirative character, which of course is far from true.

Lord Sirat,

is shown here at the coast of his birthplace Hillpeake, where he spent his youth pondering the subjugation by the terrible Emperor Meyer I.


Even back then he had different ideals of how to become Emperor, not by lies, empty promises and treachery. However, his parents fell for the dexterous lies of Overlord Meyer, while he was too young to be of any influence in the course of history. This, he has promised, will not happen again.

Lord Totilla

came with his people from the North of Angyrn and assimilated the indigenous Angyrnian population. The "Totillian" people are predimoninantly tall, wild, blonde, male and unshaved. He is their first leader, elected by the 'cause' as they call their congregation, and has taken up Angyrnian customs in the hope to be accepted among Gyrnean nobility. He leads his men into battle on a tall white horse, but claims to be also interested in the arts and poetry. Evil meaning people claim his interest in poetry only intends to pretend that he can behave in a Knightly manner,but these people have quickly fallen silent since he came to power. When other evil meaning voices claimed the first voices were silenced by force, these voices fell quickly silent as well, so that since then, according to old Totillian customs, everything is just fine in the lands of Lord Totilla.

Lord Wrilybeard,

Count of Greynecoste, is a peace loving and well-balanced leader. His passion is the science of hair, especially facial hair and all its uses. He very much dislikes sending his subjects into war, yet the possibility of a disruption of the Royal Hair Day (the country-wide quarterly beard shaving) has led to many a fierce battle in the past.