July 2, 2002

Lord Nicolaus'Meyer becomes Emperor Nikolaus I.
Celebrations in Grynyeay - Clans Of Gyrne United
New Civil War Soon?

"Ironblade" War To Break Out Soon?

In other news

In the Kingdoms of Angyrn, the Imperial Sword seems to have been stolen. During the search for the sword, the Emperor has been killed, and unfortunately there is no heir to the throne, and.... aach, whatever the reason is, there will be AGAIN a civil war of blue-blooded noble folks for the Imperial throne of Gyrne. The new game will be appropriately called "Ironblade". Reservations for this game can be made starting today. Don't look surprised, please, it has all been announced recently.

Lord Skulpercushion, Director of the Imperial Academy of the Art of War at "High Rock High" is predicting yet another period of glorious strife and strategy in the name of the throne. No new Field Assistants need to be hired for the Ironblade game.

Overlord Meyer crowned as Nikolaus I.

Upon conquering the county that held the last Imperial Insignia, Overlord Nikolaus Meyer of Grynyea, 43, was crowned as Emperor Nikolaus I of Gyrne by the Imperial Council which had convened in Grynyea, the Capital of Lord Meyer, that very same day.

Lords of the other Clans mumble, submit to Meyer

Despire all their previous efforts to prevent Lord Meyer from becoming rightful heir to the throne after 11 years of civil war, the other noblemen of Gyrne convened in Grynyeay and knelt before Emperor Nikolaus Meyer's throne. With a gracious and noble smirk upon his blue-blooded face, the Emperor mercifully assigned new duties to each and every of his former foes, their weapons dropped at (but not on) his Majesty's most Imperial feet.

Thus ends this most undelightful civil war, during the course of which many thousand Gyrneans have seen an early end to their once hopeful lives, to see the glory of the Empire restored. Long live the Emperor!