March 29, 2002

Two down - one to go!
Lord Gropzedous Subdued - Lord Watislav Yields - Hunt For The Last Insignia
Field Assistants Updated

As Prince Nikolaus'Meyer and Swordmaster O'Borbitt are dividing all Gyrne into two, the hunt for the last Insignia is up

Hunt For The Last Insignia

That's right! For either O'Borbitt or 'Meyer will get the Imperial Insignia, and then any petty additional small tiny strip of land will most likely make them Emperor of the whole Empire! What we should therefore ask ourselves is this simple question:

When will the Titans clash?

Unless something really surprising happens - like, for instance, a sudden rise of Lords Kermit and Estarriol from their noble sofas, or the arrival of a visiting army of dwarven steel armored dragons - the two contenders for the throne will soon have all of Gyrne under their control - and what then? After all: There can only be one!

Field Assistants Updated

Lord Skulpercushion, Director of the Imperial Academy of the Art of War here in High Rock (also known as "High Rock High" among its pupils) has just announced that the Field Assistants have been taught a few new tricks. It is strongly recommended to make use of them.

The new Field Assistants (Version 2.0.2) can be hired from the Downloads section.

What are the others doing?

All of Gyrne is divided into three parts. Well, actually, two and then some. There's the continously growing realm of Swordmaster O'Borbitt, undoubtedly the best known warrior in the Empire, and the marvellously expanding territory of Prince Nikolaus'Meyer, a stalwart expert in all things economic. Oh, and then there are the permanently shrinking or paralyzed lands of the remaining participants, Lord Estarriol, Lord Kermit, Lady Ingeline, and - in increasingly decreasing power - all the other Lords and Ladies that have fallen to the vast Armies and Gold of the two Imperial Candidates.

Lords Gropzedous and Watislav Subdued

Just recently, Lord Gropzedous' Capital fell to the mighty armies of O'Borbitt; the same then happened to Lord Watislav, whose sole fate now is to content himself with the existence as a small petty island Lord in Avander. While one should never discount the chance that either of these two resilient and rough-necked Lords rise again from the ashes of their former glory, the enormous force and nature of the alliance of the two Titans O'Borbitt and Meyer seems likely to prevent any rising of the phoenix in either Avander or Greynecoste.

In the meantime, the remaining Lords of meaningful power - Lady Ingeline, Lord Estarriol, Lord Kermit, Lord Angathol and Lord Frint - are not displaying any meaningful effort to forestall the rise of the Titan twins. It almost seems, dear Gyrneans, that our beloved Empire would be split into two if it weren't for the....