September 27, 2001

Chaos in the Northwest - Nobility claims is innocent

Lords Cyrano and Frint both bitterly beaten and badly bruised

It has been a while...

since the last Gyrne News Messenger was brought to a tree near you. This was due to the enormous complications our reporters experienced in these troubling times. There seems to be war almost everywhere! Well just half a year ago, our news team interviewed Lord Frint, shortly before he invaded and conquered the capital of Lord Cyrano; while our scribes were returning from said appointment, Lord Frint himself fell victim to an invasion, and today things are quite confusing. We have therefore decided to print this interview nonetheless, so that our Gyrnean citizens may at least gain some insight into the activities of our nobility.

Lord Frint gives Interview

Our reporters were invited to Lord Frint's warcamp in Craypike, shortly before the (later victorious) attack on Lord Cyrano's Capital. They were given only sheep milk, despite the fact that much better beverages were available. Yet we do not complain.

Lord Frint, if you had to describe your neighbors by three attributes, how would you call them?

"Lord Bloodlust: Honorable, Virtuous, A good friend. Lord Cyrano:mean, treacherous, shameful; Lord Gropzedous: honorable, righteous, trustworthy; Lord Cyrus: Honorable, righteous, trustworthy."

Ah, yes. Dorian XI. once said that power based on naval force was founded on wood rather than stone; it will therefore not sink, since it is lighter than water. Would you agree to this, and if so, which distant islands do you consider interesting?

"An interesting interpretation of the laws of physics, yet I do not wish to contest the wisdom of our deceased emperors; I expect to own Kerrwick soon."

Rumor has it that you are really a servant of evil, and that your real name is Lord Cruelty; the same rumors also say that you secretly serve Lord Bloodlust!

"This insane rumor was surely spread by that nasty dungfly Cyrano. I only wish to spread justice and order!"

We could not speak to Lord Cyrano in time for a reply; his capital was under siege at the time.

Lord Cyrano badly bruised

After the fall of his capital and the following invasion of the Eastern alliance into the Northwest of Gyrne, Lord Cyrano was recently painted by one of our informers in those parts as can be seen here. Contradicting rumors claim Lord Cyrano received his wounds either in the dungeons of Lord Frint, during his recent battles with Lord Bloodlust, or during an attempt to climb through a chimney to get into the private chambers of a lady. A spokesman of Lord Frint rejected all responsibility for Lord Cyrano's misfortune.

In other news...

File Crypt Officially Opened

The monument and museum for late Emperor Dorian XIV has been opened; visitors can enter it throught the Archives.

Lady Taris takes reign in Hillpeake

In Hillpeake, Lady Taris has taken over the reigns from Lord Pangenitor, who was too old to continue at the helm of his lands.