July 31, 2001

Lord Branagan resigned - Lord Ficus gives Interview

"Republic of Moundburgh" proclaimed

What is a 'Speaker'?

In Moundburgh, Lord Branagan resigned yesterday under much clamor and chaos in the streets. A City Council, which could not answer the questions of our reporters present, proclaimed that they had elected a 'Lord Speaker' who would now speak for it. This new 'Lord Speaker' issued the following declaration:

"Moundburgh is herebvy declared a free Republic, of the Gyrneans, for the Gyrneans, by the way. It is the chosen course of policy of this city to never declare war on another region of Gyrne, to not hire a general for the preparation of war, and only to engage in free trade and peaceful interaction with its fellow entities close and afar. The elected representative of this City, the Lord Speaker, is publicly executed the minute the people of Moundburgh find he is engaging in activities to claim the Imperial Throne, which is a post only open to a character of real nobility, and not to some merely elected ... guy. The Council of Moundburgh has spoken."

Lord Ficus gives Interview

After many nagging requests, the Gyrne News Messengers managed to attract Lord Ficus Bromelio's attention. Lord Ficus is mostly busy cultivating plants. We met his Lordship in his manor's garden, where he was tending flowers.

Is it your intention to become Emperor, or does it only look that way?

"We do not really wish to become Emperor, yet the desperate cries of these poor citizens call to our sense of duty. It is with a heavy heart that we shall take office as Emperor."

Rumors are abound that there will be fighting soon between you and Lord dejine of Kintyre over the province of Grynnedare. Is this true?

"No, I am sure the lackeys of Lord dejine have merely lost their ways in the fog and will soon return home."

Lord Ficus with his favorite flower

Many people wonder how you get along with your direct neighbors, such as Lord Nikolaus'Meyer or Lord dejine. How do you get along?

"We have already engaged in diplomatic contact with Lord Nikolaus'Meyer on the highest level. Our bilateral talks are characterized by mutual respect and trust. Also, we prepare a secret underground army of stone trolls with rabies, who can break siege rams like mere toothpicks on our command."

Thank you, Lord Ficus - may your gardens flourish.