July 17, 2001

Dorian XIV is dead - Gyrne in Turmoil!

Last hope rests in the Highlands - Imperial Council reopened

No heir to the throne!

Yesterday evening, a spokesman of the Wizard's Guild announced to all heralds of the Imperial Merchant Guild that Dorian XIV, long-time Emperor of the Kingdoms of Angyrn, has died at the age of 98. Unfortunately, our venerable ruler has left no direct heir to the throne.

Highland Nobility prepares for Office

An expert in heraldry told the Gyrne News Messenger that the only potential candidates for the throne all come from the Gyrnean Highlands. Though that did not meet particular approval in some regions of the Empire, the noblemen concerned showed no sign of hesitation. Says one Frinto McGumswick of the Dragonteeth Mountains:

"Sure the next Emperor is going to be a Highlander! Better a Highlander than a Lowlander, if ye ask me! But ye didn't did ye?"

Indeed, we did not.

Civil War ahead?

None of the young men and women with feudal power have yet announced a claim to the throne. That, however, remains only a matter of time. Well-renowned expert in all things feudal, Lord Chickendale, who is old enough to have known Dorian XIII, said yesterday:

"Civil War, you ask? Civil War? Whut? Well, let me think. The throne is empty, no one has the power to make a clear claim, and the country is in anarchy. Plus we have a score of young hot-blooded aristocrats ready to sacrifice the last peon for their greed for power. Whether we are going to have a civil war, you ask? Well - what do you think?

Imperial Council now open!

In other news, it was reported yesterday that the Imperial Council has now opened again for permanent session until the next Emperor is elected. Traditionally the Council is open for debate until a new Emperor is elected by a clear majority. The entrance to the Imperial Council can be found in the Archives (see above).