July 13, 2001

"Clansmen" Registration To End on Sunday - Impending Civil War?

Aristocrats take up positions as Emperor's death predicted

No heir to the throne

The upcoming Lords of Gyrne game, "Clansmen", will simulate the Civil War in the Kingdoms of Angyrn following the untimely demise of glorious Dorian XIV, cherished and most boring Emperor of the entire Empire's history. Dorian has unfortunately left no successor, so the Imperial Council, Gyrne's aristocratic parliament, will have to pick one. Unfortunately, no candidate has a majority...yet.

Rumors of preparations for war

A speaker of the Wizard's Guild showed a copy of a scroll to the Gyrne News Reporter team, claiming that Lengmarn Fierceful, Wizard of the 7th Order of Bryn, has predicted the death of the Emperor and a prolonged "era of major battles, pillaging and mayhem" ahead. Upon further questioning, Wizard Lengmarn also predicted a strong increase in weapons trades, demand for blacksmiths, and good pay for able-bodied young Gyrneans. However, Lengmarn had also recently predicted the end of the world, for last year.

Emperor sick?

Despite numerous attempts by the Imperial Merchants' guild to identify the source of the Emperor's sickness, the envoy of the guild was not allowed to visit the venerable ruler. Says Lord Chickendale, currently a much concerned citizen visiting the Imperial Court:

"I don't know why, but they won't let me see his majesty either. There's some Wizard from Bryn letting no one near him, claiming that his majesty's disease is most dangerous. He is the only one getting near him these days. I think t'is a good sign the Wizard's guild is helping the throne, considering that they were very angry with the Emperor until recently."

Emperor Dorian XIV had raised quite a stir last year when he called for the Imperial Council to ban all wizards from the Empire and close their guild halls. The great rat plague that ensued the following week kept the Imperial Council from passing the law, but the proposal remained undecided.