July 3, 2001

"Clansmen" Registration Has Begun

New Game To Begin Once All Slots Are Filled

"Angyrn" is the map

Clansmen is going to be the biggest test game for Lords of Gyrne ever played, taking place on the map file "Kingdoms of Angyrn". Angyrn is a map containing seven kingdoms and over 200 counties. If the game passes this final test, numerous Gyrneans are expected to frolic wildly.

It's Beta, so it's free

Since "Clansmen" is still a Beta test game, it's free. Beta players have the disadvantage of having to help finding errors in the program. Recently, fewer and fewer of these nasty program errors were found. Says Lord Chickendale, successful conqueror of a province in the islands of Cayelde:

"I thought it was a bug that made my entire army disappear, so I reported it to the guys at Gyrne.de. They checked the program. Turned out it was just a dragon. It ate my entire second army! I'd much rather it had been one of 'em bugs instead."

Sorry, Lord Chickendale!

How long will it take?

The prophets have not yet decided whether it is going to be a fast time intensive or a slow thrilling game. As the Gyrne News Reporter team found out, most members of the nobility expect the game to be faster in the beginning, and then slower as time goes by and things get more complicated. Lady Strickenweed of Clyffe comments:

"It will take the usual course of a good civil war. In the beginning, everyone is really keen on grabbing all these nice beautiful cities right around their capitals, not trying to make any enemies. In that period, they send out their orders faster than they can speak them; once that is over, and they are all rich and fat with money and soldiers, they start thinking, forging alliances, and waging the most beautiful civilised battles in that peculiar Gyrnean fashion. That's when events will slow down a bit. Ah, it's going to be one long terrible era without Emperor, until someone rightful can sit down on the Throne. That will be me, by the way."

Lord Chickendale refused to comment on Lady Strickenweed's claim to the Imperial throne, but asked us whether we knew any dragons he could hire. Sorry again, Chickendale!