June 28, 2001

Official Website Online - New Test Game Ahead

Gyrne Field Assistant 1.0.7 out!

Official Website online

Honestly, after that long break we need a break from the break: Gyrne.de is finally online! Though the design is in a process of permanent overhaul, we're getting there. In the meantime, get ready for the fun - a major new test game is right ahead.

New Test Game Ahead: "Clansmen"

The name for the next test game will be "Clansmen", and it will take place on the biggest Gyrne map ever: Angyrn.

Angyrn contains over 200 counties and is big enough to host 20 players! We'll all be in big trouble...

New Gyrne Field Assistant in the works

The good boys from Gyrne did it again: The latest Gyrne Field Assistant (also known among less respectful people as the 'Typer") has been upgraded to version 1.0.7,removing the last known bugs from both the Windows and Macintosh Versions. Get ready for download, the time of the gathering is near!